Noemí's Bio:

Noemí Blue is an innovative dancer deeply involved in research and continuous learning. She has been a performer, choreographer and full time dance teacher since 2001. She is the organiser of one of the largest Blues Dance events in Europe, Drag The Blues in Barcelona (Spain). 

Her background technique is based in Bellydance, but she also received training in Classical, Contemporary dance as well as numerous folk dances around the world. 

When Noemí discovered Blues Dancing in 2010, it immediately became her passion. She immersed herself in learning by attending numerous events in Europe and in the US where she travels every year to keep learning about Blues culture.

Noemí is the director of BlueMoveBCN, the first Dance Studio entirely dedicated to Blues Dance, in addition, she directs ‘The Blues Shakers’, the first Blues Dance Troupe in Spain.

Noemí is an avid Yoga and AcroYoga practitioner.



Solo Blues

Noemí's speciality! 


Partnered Blues

She also loves teaching partnered dance as a Leader or Follower as well.

Teaching partner:
Miguel A. Cruz (Barcelona)


Noemí is a passionate & creative choreographer.

She leads "The Blues Shakers", the first Blues Dance company in Spain.

Private classes

If you want personalized feedback on your technique, or if you want to improve your confidence as a dancer, the best way to do so is to take a private lesson with Noemi.

"Dancing is not the search for the perfect move,
but a path to self-knowledge"

                                                                                                 - Noemí Blue